Big Boy Systems UK description

Big Boy Systems created Third-I, an immersive camera capable of recording human experience.  often referred to as the Gopro of Virtual reality, the camera is worn on the forehead and records everything the user sees in 3D and everything he hears with binaural sound.  The content recorded is highly immersive and gives the spectator the feeling of incarnating the user of the camera through his experience.  The content is best watched with virtual reality viewers and headphones or earphones for a fully immersive feeling, but can also be seen in 2D on any regular screen. 

Big Boy Systems looks for partners with a need for the immersive videos Third-I produces.  We have had partnerships with France Télévision, Les Ardentes, Dour, ULG, UCL, St-Luc Hospital, musicians, teachers and many more and are continously looking for new projects.  Our aim is to further develop Third-I in order to sell tailor-made versions to our partners and to put a consumer version on Third-I on the market for anyone to use and share his experience in the most immersive way